Bajaj Launches Platina 110 H in Bangladesh
Mar 15, 2021

Bajaj Platina 110H Design

Bajaj is bringing Platina 110 H for the first time here in Bangladesh - No more jerks! 

Bajaj Auto is launching a new product Platina 110 H in commuter segment with Uttara Motors' collaboration here in Bangladesh. Consumers have been demanding tubeless tyre and disc brake system in their much loved commuter friendly Platina bikes. Keeping in with the demands of the customer, Platina 110 H comes with the latest technology and features, and is hoped to meet the customer satisfaction to the fullest. 

What are the updates in Platina 110 H Gear? 

First of all, it has a special gear system facility that has the ability shift gear with soft touches, and also very fuel economic at the same time. It has 5 gears, all are down shifting. 

The digital console has a gear indicator and gear guidance system. Rider can easily assess which gear s/he is riding, and which gear is needed. 

Quilt seat with Comfortec is the speciality of the Platina Bikes, which remains the same in this model too. Rider and pillion both can seat comfortably, and can ride without any discomfort for a long time. 

The 115.45cc engine can produce 8.6PS power at 7000 RPM and has 9.81 torque at 5000 RPM that makes the bike very powerful. Advanced DTS-i engine, anti-skid braking system with CBS, tubeless tyre, nitrox suspension, 3D Platina logo on the body-these features make the Platina 110 H Gear an attractive unit, and make it comfortable to ride any and everywhere. 

Three color variants of this unit are available-Cocktail Wine Red, Ebony Black-Red, Ebony Black,-Blue.


Keeping in mind the customer's ability, Platina 110 H is priced at 1,10,900 BDT. 

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