Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Twin Disc (Specs, Price, and Weight Update in Bangladesh)
Sep 01, 2020

Pulsar NS160 Twin Disk is one of their most anticipated products that come with an oil-cooled engine of 160 CC, a 12-liter fuel tank at a reasonable price. The features mentioned undoubtedly makes the overall experience premium and affordable.

There are a few factors that make this motorbike exceptionally special to the Bajaj Pulsar users. The seating posture of the motorbike is loved by most of the users. It makes the rider feel that the motorbike is bigger than what it usually is, that mostly boosts the great user experience. The motorcycle easily tractable and repairing most of its parts are highly available because the product inherits a huge deal from the previous popular products.


As mentioned before the motorcycle’s specification exceeds the expectation of the customers for the price. It comes with the 4 Stroke, Oil Cooled DTSi Engine having a displacement (cc) of 160.3 making the bike extremely strong and the user experience premium and exceptional. The fuel capacity of the motorcycle is 12 Liters. The front and rear suspensions of Pulsar NS160 Twin Disc are Telescopic with Anti-Friction Bush and Nitrox mono shock absorber with Canister respectively.
The fuel supply system of this motorcycle is Carburetor and Cooling System is Oil-Cooled. With Tubeless Type Tires and a fascinating braking system, it is a ravishing deal for the price it is coming with. The motorcycle can generate power up to 15.5 Ps @ 8500 RMP and its maximum torque is 14.6 Nm @ 6500 RMP. The up to date electrical system has a 12V DC and a low Beam Headlamp (12V and 60W).
As for the specification of its looks, it is available in 4 different colors, that include, Glossy Pewter Grey Black, Passion Red & Satin Black, Saffire Blue & Satin Black, and Pearl Metallic white & Satin Black. Having the look of NS160 twin Disc along with these color choices truly makes the motorcycle exceptional and worthy of its price. The muscular makes the look of the motorcycle tougher and bigger than it actually is.

Price and Weight

A motorbike with an oil-cooled engine of 160.3 CC and a fuel capacity of 12 liters at a price of 192,900 BDT is without a doubt reasonable. As for the maintenance cost, most of the Bajaj products have low maintenance costs and are extremely durable, so, they last long. Overall, compared to its competitors, it has a lower price and higher specifications.
With the tubeless tires, Alloy Wheels, 12 liters of fuel capacity, and a very strong body, the weight of the motorcycle is 148 kilograms. It is an ideal weight for most of the motorcycle users and makes the experience of controlling the motorcycle very tractable.

Why Should You Buy This Motorcycle in 2020?

The year had started with an unexpected pandemic and it is still going on, transportation has become a huge hindrance for everyone, and making a proper motorcycle choice is crucial at this time.
Bajaj Pulsar NS160 is one of the ideal motorcycle choices in Bangladesh right now because of its amazing features, affordability, and obviously fuel capacity. However, although a lot of its qualities have been mentioned, let’s point out the reasons to buy the motorcycle and why this is the ideal choice:

Availability of the Spare Parts: During this pandemic, many of the stores are closed and it is important for the motorcyclists to be aware of the spare parts because unexpected accidents can always take place. However, if you buy this motorcycle you will be on the safe side as the availability of its spare parts is high. In fact, most of the Bajaj Products’ spare parts are extremely available in Bangladesh’s Motorcycle Market.

Its Strong Specification: Pulsar NS 160 has features such as Underbelly exhaust and perimeter frame that is not available in other motorcycles in this category. Furthermore, it has tubeless tires, alloy wheels, a strongly built body, and also a strong 160 cc engine. Overall, its specification is strong and is ideal to ride post Covid-19.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 has been in the market for a while and it is also holding the spotlight in Bangladesh. Giving a premium experience at an affordable price makes the motorcycle a favorite to many. It is in fact could be one of the ideal choices during the times of pandemic.