Bajaj Motorcycle-Eid Offer 2020
May 16, 2020

Bajaj Ramadan Eid Offer 2020

Bajaj Bangladesh is going to celebrate this Eid with everyone with an astounding 22,073(up to) TK discount.

During this time, selected Bajaj outlets are open, maintaining proper health hygiene required to stay safe. Customers will be assured that all Bajaj employees will maintain proper distancing and sanitization while attending to a respective customer.

Bajaj Bangladesh always tries to spread the joy on every occasion. This year's Eid should not be any different.

Pulsar NS160cc FI ABS is now at 2,32,827 BDT. This mighty beast priced 2,54,900 BDT originally. Customers can save 22,073 TK buying this one during this offer.

Pulsar NS160cc TD ABS is offering 10,000 TK discount. That makes the price 1,89,900 BDT from the original price of 1,99,900 BDT.

Pulsar NS160cc TD, (Twin disk) without ABS feature stands out at 1, 82,900 BDT from the original 1,96,900 BDT, offering 14,000 TK Discount.

Sportiest and manliest Pulsar 150cc TD (Twin Disk) is now 1,76,900 BDT. This sports machine originally priced 1, 86,900 BDT. Customers can save 10,000 TK on this model.

Classic Pulsar 150 SD is a trustworthy and economical sports bike yet. This model is priced at 1, 64,900 BDT from the original price of 1,70,900 BDT, giving 6,000 TK discounts.

The newest addition to the Pulsar 150cc segment, Pulsar 150cc Neon, is now 1,48,900 BDT. The original price of this variant is 1,54,900 BDT. 6,000 TK Discount is offering on this model.

Other Bajaj bikes, Discover, CT, Platina, are offering their respective offers to the customers.

CT 100cc ES, which is priced at 93,500 BDT, now with 10,000 TK Discount, 83,500 BDT only.

Platina 100ES is 91,900 BDT from 97,900 BDT, giving 6,000 TK Discount.

Discover is offering a 7,000 TK discount on every variant.

Discover 125cc Disc is now 1,24,500 BDT. Previously 1,31,500 BDT. 

Discover 125cc Drum is now 1,17,500 BDT. Previously 1,24,500 BDT. 

Discover 110cc Disc is now 1,12,500 BDT. Previously 1,19,500 BDT.

Customers are encouraged to book online to avoid any health hazards. Customers who are willing to buy with EMI facility can avail of the offer also. Customers can book online directly from here.

All customers are requested to use a face mask before coming to the dealer's point. We will maintain the proper disinfection method before entering the showroom.

Terms and conditions apply to this offer. This offer will be valid until the stock lasts.