Explanation of Pulsar 150 Seat Height & Its Usability | Bajaj Official
Apr 26, 2022

Pulsar 150 Seat Height

All of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 series bikes have a seat height of 785 mm. Pulsar 150 seat height is ideal for any average subcontinental rider. There’s a reason we’re talking about it here. People seem to be very curious about the seat height of our Pulsar bikes, especially the Pulsar 150s.

Do you think it’s random?


Seat height is critical when it comes to bikes. Multiple factors tie to seat height. These factors range from safety to a bike’s overall usability. So, let’s talk about that today.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 - A Little History

Bajaj Auto’s product engineering department worked in collaboration with Tokyo R&D to design the first Pulsar. But it was motorcycle designer Glynn Kerr who took the project to completion. He was a senior consultant to Bajaj Auto in India.

You’ll be surprised to know that the Indian and Bangladeshi motorcycle market was trending towards fuel-efficient, small-capacity motorcycles prior to the introduction of the Pulsar. But, except for Royal Enfields for the Indian market, larger motorcycles with more capacity were practically non-existent.

But Bajaj understood that there was a demand for higher capacity motorcycles. So on 24 November 2001, they introduced the Pulsar. This was just the start of these Indian heartthrobs. These first-generation Pulsars had a 150 or 180 cc engine. Disk brakes were a novelty back then, but the Pulsars came with these brakes as standard.
The second-generation Pulsars saw the introduction of Bajaj’s DTS-i technology.

By 2011, Pulsars claimed a whopping 47% market share in its segment. That’s impressive! By April 2012, Bajaj saw a sales figure of over five million of their Pulsars. People flocked to these bikes.

In 2012, Bajaj launched a variant of the Pulsar called the Pulsar 200NS. It was then later reintroduced in 2017 with a revised name the NS200.

The Pulsars have remained at the top of millennials’ purchase lists due to their performance, reliability, ease of upgrade and maintenance, and high resell value. Nothing in this world is flawless. However, we might try to imitate perfection and come close to it.

Pulsars have done so in the past and continue to do so now. As a result, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that the new Pulsar 150s, like their predecessors, are a flawless combination.

Key Features

As you may well be aware, there are three Pulsar models available in Bangladesh right now in the 150 cc segment. These are:

  1. Pulsar 150 Single Disc
  2. Pulsar 150 Twin Disc
  3. Pulsar 150 Twin Disc ABS

In 2017, the Pulsar series received a big makeover. BSIV-compliant engines were installed in the complete Pulsar family, as well as the 150 cc category.

To comply with BSIV standards, the Pulsar 150 had various mechanical adjustments. They also got AHO (Always Headlamp On), as well as a new Laser Edge color scheme. The digital display now has more modern graphics and a Blue backlight instead of the earlier Orange lighting. Bajaj made mechanical improvements to the Pulsar 150 to bring it up to BS4 standards.

These bikes have been upgraded to the UG5 variant to meet popular demand. You’ll recognize them as a Pulsar right away because of the classic design.

Pulsar 150 Seat Height

The seat height of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 is 785 mm. Seat height is sometimes referred to as “saddle height”. In the case of bikes, it’s a critical aspect.

Think of a car seat. The seat can make or break the whole experience for you. It doesn’t matter how luxurious or featureful the car is; you’ll always find it uncomfortable. The same goes for bikes.

If a bike is too tall or too short for us, this creates problems. The more the bike is suited to your height, the more comfortable it is. If the seat is uncomfortable, your back and your butt will go through a lot of strain. Short journeys may not prove to be a challenge, but you’ll definitely feel the strain on long rides. Plus, daily commute may also push you into an injury because of repetitive stress.

As you may well know, adult men and women in India have an average height of 165 and 152 cm, respectively. However, this can be applied to the whole subcontinent as our biology follows the same footsteps more or less. So the Pulsar 150 is ideally suited for us. Anyone will have perfect footing on these bikes.

Along with all the safety features that these bikes offer, this footing adds to the safety and comfort of these bikes. Compared to some taller bikes, riding with a pillion is also comfortable in these bikes.


The Pulsar 150 seat height makes it a good fit for all kinds of “subcontinental butts”. The bike’s safety features, combined with its power make it more than adequate for most Bangladeshi roads. If you’re still unsure, just go and try one in your nearest dealer. You’ll fall in love with the bike - that’s a promise from Bajaj.