Motorcycle Riding: Safety Tips During Covid-19 Pandemic
Jul 25, 2020

A biker is riding black and blue color Bajaj Pulsar 150cc motorcycle wearing black leather jacket and helmet in open road

Riding a motorcycle has always been one of the favorite mediums of transport amongst people. Sources say that the usage of motorcycles has increased from 6.94 percent to 8.04 percent in recent years. Because of services like Uber Moto and Pathao, the utilization of this transport medium has risen even more. 

However, in this worrisome period of the Covid-19 Pandemic, riders must be concerned about their safety. Although, suggestions highly recommend staying at home except for urgent necessities such as visiting a pharmacy for medical purposes, grocery shopping, commuting to work, etc. It is vital to figure out a safe way of transportation using your vehicle.

What should motorcyclists do to ensure their safety during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Wear Your Motorcycle Gear: Wearing a proper helmet, gloves, jacket, and covered shoes would ensure incredible safety from the chance of being affected by the virus. This will not only reduce the chance of being affected during COVID-19 but also reduce the possibility of having severe injuries while riding the motorcycle. 

Stay Away from Gathering of Motorcyclists: The higher risk of being affected is not during riding the bike but also during parking. Parking the bike in the gathering place will lead to interaction with other people, and having slight physical contacts in this very period can lead to unexpected consequences. Try to park when fewer people are there. Wait, in case the parking lot has too many motorcyclists parking.

Don't Be Stressed While Driving: Sometimes, lack of mental stability risen by the stress can be a huge problem; amongst many motorcyclists, it is the case. The current situation is stressful and tends to occupy our minds many times. However, sometimes this leads to different road accidents, so staying calm and having proper equipment while driving is the key to staying safe during this pandemic.

Keeping Everything Clean and Organized: Just keeping yourself clean is not going to do the job. It is important to keep your gears and motorbike clean too. Whenever you are back to your place, wash your motorcycle because the rage of the virus is increasing every day, and keeping everything clean is the safest choice. You should park the motorcycle at a garage or a closed place. For ensuring safety, carrying a sanitizer all the time will be a wise step as you are touching your wallet, motorbike's handle and many others, always, use the sanitizer whenever you contact something that will minimize the risk dynamically. 

Don't Go Out Without Necessities: We are facing a very hard time. Going out without necessities will only raise the risk. Obviously, you can ride your motorcycle as you are an enthusiast, but right now, not for fun but just for necessities. 

Just like keeping yourself safe from the virus, it is also crucial to ensure other's safety. So, if you feel like you have sadly caught the virus because of the symptoms, you must get tested and must not drive in the meantime because spreading the virus will only worsen the situation.